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Satya-pratishayam kriya-phalasrayatvam (Yoga Sutra 2:36)


When truth (satya) becomes one of our firm roots (pratiṣṭayaṁ), then there is perfect harmony (āśrayatvam) between how we act (kriyā) and the results (phala) of our actions.

Stephanie Albrecht

During my studies in philosophy and German literature I started to practice yoga.

Since staying at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Neyyar Dam (India) in 1997, yoga has been a growing part of my life. Yoga is a worldview and philosophy as well as way of harmonizing body, mind and soul to me.

My particular interest in my own yoga practice and also as a teacher in class is the interaction of body, mind and soul. Psychological tension, injuries, fears etc. manifest themselves physically and Yoga practice gives us the opportunity to release these tensions and to create a mental balance through specific body work.

After spending a long time trying to understand the world and its interrelationships by my studies of philosophy as well as some traveling, I started increasingly to look inside: contemplation on the yogic path accompanied by asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.


I teach classic hatha yoga and yin yoga.

After my training as a yoga teacher (RYT 200 Yoga Alliance) I did further trainings such as "Assist Intensive" with Moritz Ulrich or "Yin Yoga and Meridians" with Dirk Bennewitz and Andrea Kubasch or "Dorn Method and Breuss Massage" with Arche Medica. I also took part in an naturopath training to understand the basics of the human body.